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Design/develop an Intranet. Develop hypertext, interactive and multimedia presentations. Work with like-minded professionals in a growing environment.

Professional Summary

• Certified Dreamweaver MX Developer
• Provided technical support for both Dreamweaver and Fireworks
• Expert in design implementation
• Familiar with the mechanics of dynamic pages and server-end technology
• Experienced in writing, coding, graphic editing, prose editing, technical review
• Insatiable curiosity

Professional Experience

Napa Emergency Women’s Services (NEWS) April 2011-June 2012

  • Designed reports for Marketing Developers
  • Created codes and tagged donors for marketing purposes
  • Recurring donation management
  • Maintained web site
  • Provided desktop support for 20 staff members

John Muir Health Systems January 2007-October 2008, May 2009-December 2010

  • Developed in Oracle Portal environment
  • Developed tutorials for web administrator of pages
  • Abstracted data from Midas Database and generated new reports
  • Design department sites; from interview/conception to complete department site
  • Created Flash simulation tutorials
    Click for sample of simulations and 'How to' print-outs
  • Used Fireworks to design and develop banners, navigation and profile "cards"

Controltec, Inc. March-September 2006

  • Develop contextual HTML Help Files
  • Document use of software
  • Critique software
  • Onsite training

BANANAS, Inc. March 2005-March 2006

  • Client-side administration of database for eight childcare agencies
  • Managing integration of additional 34 agencies
  • Generated reports
  • Trained agents
  • Set procedures
  • Critiqued software

Kagi Online Store January-July 2005

  • Designed templates for client options to be compiled with CSS and XSL technologies

!Snap! Shots — July 2004-January 2009

Ellen Robinson, Jazz Vocalist — July 2003-Present

Antonio J. Rivera, Artist — July 2002-Present

  • Designed and developed site
  • A work in progress
  • Created JavaScript showcase.
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SBC (Sub-contracted Sono Group) — January-October 2004

The Computer Clubhouse — September 2002-August 2003

  • Mentor, coach and provide tutorials in use of various software to teenagers.

Wells Fargo Bank (Sub-contracted by Niteo Partners, Inc.)— March-June 2003

  • Migrated 4,000 page site from HTML to XML and into new design templates
  • Utilized multiple tools:
  • XMetaL
  • Documentum WebPublisher
  • Custom tools created for the project
  • Referenced multiple spreadsheets for Section IDs and links to Server Side Includes

Macromedia, Inc. — May 2000-October 2002

Peach Pit Press — June 2002

San City Productions — November 2000, January 1998, July 1997

  • Updated form tags for iSpiritus
  • Coded files for multi-level internal web site according to specifications
  • Designed Navigational Pages and Graphics

ZesTop Publishing — June 1999-November 2000

  • Archived Newsletters for non-profit group in Portable Document Format (PDF)

The Paint Your Heart Out Mural Team — October 1998-May 1999

The Odyssey World Trek — January-May 1999

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OneBody.com (F.K.A. Consensus Health) — September 1998-March 1999

  • Documented style sheet: cataloged para, char., x-ref, markers, variables & conditional
  • Layout 25-30 page manuals
  • Layout of newsletters

Documentum's Relevance Group — August-December 1998

Safeway — July 1998

  • Created organizational charts illustrating ongoing presentation and updated flow charts
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West Ed — July 1998

  • Edited and proof-read marketing material

Bechtel Engineering Corp. — June 1998

  • Wrote member of doc pub team for 4 volume/600 page proposal.
  • Edited, proof-read, wrote and re-wrote content.

Reimer Associates — May 1998

  • Edited, proof-read and compiled engineering proposals.
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Sun Gold Litho, Inc. — February-April 1998

  • Exported text listings from Microsoft Excel spread sheets to columns in Adobe PageMaker for 300-page directory
  • Converted 300-page directory to PDF document

Churchill Livingstone — September-October 1997

  • Prepared PDF Files for Publication on CD-ROMs for Seven Volume Anthology

Wesgo Incorporated — March-April 1997

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  • Documented ISO9000 Procedures

Student project

  • 12 Page User Guide for Modem Installation (available upon request)

Hoefer Scientific Instruments — December 1990-September 1996

  • Documented ISO9000 procedures
  • Wrote technical instructions for Bid & Quote Management program for colleagues
  • Wrote technical instructions for distributors and end-users
  • Organized two-part North American Free Trade Agreement workshop
  • Ensured export documentation was in compliance with custom regulations, including, Letters of Credit and harmonization codes.
  • Acted as liaison between company, distributors and end-users
Computer Languages   Tools
  • HTML5
  • ActionScript
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Captivate
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Fireworks
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • MS Project
  • Microsoft Office

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